Wrap Bracelets are a great accessory that can add a little bit of elegance and individual style to your outfit. They could be worn with a boho-inspired dress or jeans.Wrap Bracelets

Traditionally, these bracelets were used in tribal cultures as a way of storytelling and spiritual expression. Moreover, they were woven from materials such as leather, beads, seeds, and shells.

Beaded wrap bracelets are a trendy accessory that can be worn as a standalone or stacked with other pieces. These bracelets feature beads of varying sizes and shapes that are woven together with leather cords to create a look that’s both casual and sophisticated. They are often finished with a decorative metal clasp and a bow to close the bracelet. These bracelets are a great way to show off your creativity and personal style!

This beaded wrap bracelet features a gorgeous combination of blue and red Czech glass beads with Bohemian facets and Miyuki Delicas. The bracelet also has a beautiful tiger eye clasp with a gold-colored finish. This bracelet is a great way to add a touch of glam to your everyday wardrobe, and it will look just as great with jeans as it does with a dress!

To make this bracelet, you’ll need a pair of chain-nose pliers, beading needles, leather cord, and a large flat-head screw-on button. For best results, it’s a good idea to use a stretchy type of cord. If your beads come with a string on them, make sure to free the string so that you can use it as a beading thread.

Start by tying the two ends of the leather cord in an overhand knot. Next, tie a piece of beading thread around one strand of the leather cord (if you’re right-handed, this will likely be the left one). Leave both tails loose. You’ll be weaving these into the bracelet later to hide them.

Tie the beading thread in an overhand knot around the end of the cord (the one that will sit directly below the clasp). Then, cut off the excess thread. Now you’re ready to begin beading!

Once you’ve attached the beading thread, start adding beads. First, add 25 Provence Lavender beads and then 25 Tanzanite beads. You can mix and match your beads, or you can choose to follow a specific pattern.

Continue making figure 8s with the beading thread until you reach your desired bracelet length. To do this, loop the clear string around the right-hand black cord, then through a new bead. Repeat the process of going over the bead and under the black cord, and then through the bead again until you have a beaded section of about 13 inches long.


Popular leather wrap bracelets feature a mix of beads and stones or glass buttons and metal charms for an eclectic, boho-chic look. Nylon beading thread and leather cord are commonly used with these bracelets. Creating a simple leather wrap bracelet is an easy, quick project and a great way to experiment with your craft skills and color palettes. Whether you add metal or natural gemstones, leather jewelry is a fashion trend that’s here to stay.

To create a leather wrap bracelet, you’ll need a leather cord or rope with an adjustable closure and a button or bead for a focal point. Cut your cord to the same length as your finished bracelet, or a little longer (depending on the style you choose). When stitching your beading, go through both strands of leather to begin. From there, stitch the thread OVER the right and back UNDER the left. Continue this pattern for the entire bracelet.

When you reach the end of your leather, make several stitches without adding beads (use glue to enforce the knots) and trim the ends of the cord. Ideally, you should start with 10-12 feet of thread to avoid running out before the bracelet is complete.


Add a hint of texture and color to your wrist with this woven bracelet. Each bracelet is handmade and is unique in its size and shape, making it a one-of-a-kind piece.

The bracelet features a memory wire core with beads, including purple Czech glass and iridescent Fluorite chip stones. The woven design of the bracelet wraps luxuriously around the wrist and goes back to its original coil shape when removed.

This DIY project is a great way to use up those leftover fabric scraps you’ve been saving. The only requirement is that the fabric be non-stretchy – you can find some at the fabric store in the remnant bin or even from your own old clothes.

Start by completely submerging a fabric strip in water and then wringing it out. Have a friend hold one end of the now-wet fabric strip or tape it to a hard surface and then twist it tightly all the way down to the other end. Then thread a button to the halfway point of the twisted fabric strip, so the button sits just past the knot when the bracelet is wrapped around the wearer’s wrist.

Keep wrapping the fabric strip until the entire bracelet is covered and then tie the longer end of the fabric to its original knot. Repeat this process with a few more strips of fabric to create a stackable bracelet that elevates your t-shirt and jeans outfit.


Glistening freshwater pearls elevate this bracelet to a whole new level of elegance. It’s a classic finishing touch to any outfit, and the delicate texture is simply eye-catching. Pair it with a simple chain or layer it in your stack of everyday jewelry.

This wrap bracelet’s woven leather and gemstones are the epitome of laidback, eclectic style. It’s also an ideal layering piece that will stand out against other bracelets in your collection.

Designed to be worn multiple times, this bracelet is artfully tied with a gold clasp, hex bead, and a tied extension for a customizable fit. Available in multiple gemstone options, including the “confetti” version that is scattered with sparkling square pyrite beads.