Bank Negara Malaysia: The Central Bank of Malaysia and the Malaysian Financial System

UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Bank Negara Malaysia is the sole currency issuing authority and the main regulatory authority of all monetary and non-monetary institutions and Development Finance Institutions (DFI’s) in Malaysia.  DFI’s are enterprises owned largely by the public sector engaged in mobilizing financial resources to supplement the development efforts of the government.  In regards to DFI’s, Bank Negara Malaysia promotes effective and efficient DFI’s with the goal that they will eventually minimize government cost in meeting its policy objectives.

Bank Negara Malaysia is at the core of the Regulatory Framework of the Malaysian Financial System.  Two of the objectives of Bank Negara Malaysia are in fact:

  1. To promote monetary stability and a sound financial structure; and
  2. To influence the credit situation to the advantage of Malaysia.

These objectives give bank Negara Malaysia responsibility over matters affecting monetary and prudential control.  The bank is thus charged with implementing all regulations concerned with these matters…

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