Book Review for “Islamic Finance, Why It Makes Sense” by Daud Vicary Abdullah and Keon Chee

UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Beirut, Lebanon

Islamic Finance, Why It Makes Sense by Daud Vicary Abdullah and Keon Chee delves into the scintillating history of Islam and the key ideas behind Islamic finance including the belief in divine guidance; the no-interest rule; socially responsible investing; the sharing of risk; and the using of real assets to finance deals.  The authors explore the benevolent objectives of Islamic banking, the roots of the basic principles of Islamic Finance in the Qu’ran, Hadith, and Sunnah, and the explosion of Islamic finance and banking into the modern conventional scene. Abdullah and Chee give a solid and easy to understand explanation of all of the major concepts and modes of financing in Islamic Finance from ijarah to musharakah, debt- versus -equity financing in Islamic finance, the categories of Islamic Finance contracts, Islamic Investment, and the Islamic financial system and its regulation.  The authors explain how to invest and manage…

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